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Immune mediated diseases are complex, with many contributing factors


The pre-clinical model system you choose must capture as much of that complexity as possible to accurately determine the potential of your therapy for patients.


Non-human primates (NHP) share signi­ficant homology with humans allowing cross reactivity with biologic, cell and gene-based therapies. This permits testing of your treatment without the need to generate a costly rodent surrogate. Additionally, your therapies physiological and histological effects are more likely to be faithfully recapitulated compared to rodent systems.


In our “Non-Human Primate Models for Immunological Research” brochure, we’ll show you a small sample of our many immune NHP models obtain from our more than 300 clients, including many leading pharmaceutical companies, who have learned they can expect more

from PharmaLegacy.

Download our Immunological NHP Models Brochure using the form on the right.


Included: 9 pages of data from some of our many non-human primate immune, autoimmune, and inflammation models.


Example data: Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH)-Induced T Cell-Dependent Antibody Response (TDAR).






MUCH more data is in our Immune NHP Models brochure. Download now using the form to the right.


Some of the many reasons to partner with PharmaLegacy:

·         Capacity to run 200 animal studies concurrently while strictly following AAALAC and ILAC guidelines

·         On-site capacity for up to 350 primates

·         Total capacity for up to 30,000 primates

·         FDA Part 11 Compliant

·         Bespoke models available upon request


To advance a compound from discovery to clinical, or to halt its development, is a huge and costly decision. For the benefit of you and your company, and for the well-being of patients in need of treatment, that decision needs to be based on correct information.  Learn how PharmaLegacy can help you get the correct answers using our Immune NHP models.