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Integrated In Vitro Assays for Immunology & Immuno-Oncology Research.

You can only know what you can test, and the resulting knowledge is only as certain as the test itself. When it comes to decisions on your immunology and immuno-oncology pipelines, you need to ensure the assays you have access to are designed to obtain the answers you need and have the fidelity to allow you to be confident in the results. Your contract research partner must therefore have both a broad range of assays and the knowledge and experience to run and analyze them.

PharmaLegacy works to get you the answers you need with our wide selection of carefully developed in vivo and in vitro models. In our “In Vitro Assays” brochure, you’ll see a selection of our available assays along with a sample of real-world data from them. See why over 600 pharmaceutical companies, including many global leaders, trust PharmaLegacy for the unbiased, accurate information they need to make critical pipeline decisions.

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Included: 8 pages of data from some of our many immuno-oncology and immunology-focused assays.


Example data: T Cell Stimulation Assay.      

Puri­fied CD3+ T cells from human PBMCs were pre-stimulated with CD3/CD28 antibody, then treated with one of ­five experimental compounds or a DMSO control.






See much more data and learn more about the assays we have available. Download the brochure using the form to the right.


Some of the many reasons to partner with PharmaLegacy:

·        More than 200 FDA / CFDA IND fi­lings

·         Scientific staff average over 15 years of pharmacology experience

·         24/7 access to PharmaLegacy representatives

·         FDA Part 11 Compliant

·         Bespoke assays and models available upon request


To advance a compound from discovery to clinical, or to halt its development, is a huge and costly decision. For the benefit of you and your company, and for the well-being of patients in need of treatment, that decision needs to be based on correct information.  Learn how PharmaLegacy can help you get the correct answers with our in vitro immunology & immuno-oncology assays.

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