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IL-23-Induced Hyperplasia in Mice

Hyperplasia is an increase in the number of cells in tissues or organs due to mitosis. Hyperplasia can be either physiological or pathological. In physiological hyperplasia, the increase in cell number occurs to meet physiological demands, and the extent of mitosis is considered normal. The compensatory hyperplasia occurring as a result of damage to tissue is a common example of physiological hyperplasia. Hypertrophy beyond a normal range is caused by pathological hyperplasia. In our model, we induced pathological hyperplasia in mice using IL-23.

Establish IL-23 Induced Ear Epidermal Hyperplasia and Compare the Effects of rmIL-23 and rhIL-23 in Mice:
Experimental Schedule:


Ear Thickness Changes:


Photos Before Necropsy:


Pathology Examine:


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