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Subtotal Nephrectomy (STNx) Model

STNx is a well‐characterized, clinically predictive rat model of non‐inflammatory progressive chronic kidney disease, in particular focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. The STNx model of progressive disease shares the major hallmarks of most forms of kidney injury seen in humans, developing hypertension, proteinuria and declining GFR in conjunction with its major histopathological characteristics of glomerulosclerosis, tubulointerstitial fibrosis, tubular atrophy and macrophage infiltration.

Case Study: Subtotal Nephrectomy (STNx) Model
Representative pictures of 2/3 left renal artery infarction


Clinical Parameters:

·         Body weight, SBP, plasma creatinine, creatinine clearance

·         Kidney and heart weight, as well as kidney/body weight and heart/body


·         Proteinuria (mg/24h)

·         GFR (ml/min), serum creatinine, BUN and creatinine clerance

·         Cardiac function: Echocardiography


·         GSI, renal and cardiac interstitial fibrosis, myocyte hypertrophy and macrophage interstitial infiltration: H&E, Picro Sirius Red and CD68 IHC staining

Molecular biology:

·         mRNA or protein expression of pro-inflammatory and –fibrotic cytokines such as TGF-beta, CTGF and TNF-alpha by RT-PCR or WB, respectively

A Case Study: Glomerulosclerosis


A Case Study: Tubulointerstitial Fibrosis


A Case Study: Macrophages Interstitial Infiltration


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