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MCD Diet-Induced NASH in Rats

Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is a liver disease with signs of steatosis, liver inflammation and fibrosis manifested histologically. Metabolic syndrome, obesity and hepatic insulin resistance, in particular, are considered as driving factors in the etiology of NASH.There is currently no dedicated treatment approved for NASH, yet there is a growing incidence of this disease in developed countries. This has prompted substantial efforts to identify novel drug therapies to correct underlying metabolic problems and to prevent or alleviate hepatic fibrosis in NASH. Available models of NASH at PharmaLegacy show different utility in drug discovery including MCD-induced NASH in rats and STZ-HFD-induced in mice.

Study Outline

·         Male Wistar rats

·         Animals were fed an MCD diet for a period of 8 weeks to establish the NASH model

·         Animals were treated with vehicle or reference throughout the entire 8-week study

Treatment Groups


Body Weight, Liver Weight

image.png      image.png

Food intake per rat per day


Serum Levels of ALT (U/L);AST (U/L) and Total Bilirubin(U/L)


H & E Staining (MCD Treated Group)


Sirius Red Staining (MCD Treated Group)


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