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3D Tumor Tissue Culture

The myriad of interactions between the immune system and cancer have been critical to drug discovery. However, data derived from current in vivo and in vitro cancer models using standardized cell lines and animal models often fails to accurately reflect the true tumor environment. This often makes it difficult to study a drug’s actual effect, resulting in inaccurate studies, extended timelines and wasted resources.

PharmaLegacy has developed an ex vivo assays platform utilizing 3D culture prepared from fresh, mice-derived tumors, complete with an intact tumor immune microenvironment. Through the correlation of the ex vivo tumor drug response with the characteristics of the tumor microenvironment, we identify and validate biomarkers of drug sensitivity and resistance.

The use of fresh, mice-derived tissue samples is only the beginning. PharmaLegacy utilizes cutting-edge technologies in next-generation RNA sequencing, flow cytometry, multiplex cytokine assays, mass spectrometry, immunohistochemistry and many more to help our research partners take their most promising therapies from preclinical data to clinical results.

Why do we need tumor tissue culture?

· The interactions between the tumor immune microenvironment and cancer cells are key to drug discovery.

· Current cell lines and in vivo models most often fail to accurately reflect the true tumor environment.

· Studies utilizing cell lines or in vivo models generally fail to predict a drug’s actual effect.

What is so good about mice-derived, 3D tumor culture?

· Phenotypically-accurate intact tumor tissues retain tumor-immune microenvironment.

· The effects of test compound on biomarker release, changes in immune microenvironment, or inflammatory process can be evaluated.

Pharmalegacy’s Tissue Culture Platform

· Tissue slices can be kept in culture for up to 7 days.

· Multiple slices can be created from a single tumor.

· Customized protocols and study design to meet your needs.

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