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Tumor Imaging System

To achieve excellence in tumor imaging, PharmaLegacy uses the IVIS Lumina XRMS Series III,Perkin Elmer's latest two-dimensional, multi-mode living imaging system with the highest sensitivity for bioluminescence, multi-spectral fluorescence, radioisotope and X-ray imaging. Compared with the previous generation of similar products, the new system greatly enhanced the fluorescence imaging ability through advanced spectral separation technology. Updates to the X-ray imaging hardware have enabled the the X-ray imaging of rats in addition to X-ray imaging of mice.

Best-In-Class Bioluminescence, Multispectral Fluorescence and Integrated X Optical Imaging Technology

The IVIS Lumina XRMS III integrates several years of advanced optical imaging technology to create an easy-to-operate, multi-mode in vivo optical imaging system with remarkable performance. Researchers can combine high-sensitivity bioluminescence, multispectral fluorescence, radionuclide and low-dose X-ray imaging in mice, rats and other model animals. With up to 26 filters, users can image dozens of fluorescent probes ranging from green to near infrared light.


Flexible Conversion of X Imaging in Mice or Rats

Lumina XRMS was used to perform X - ray imaging on mice, rats and other animal models weighing 500-600 grams. Lumina XRMS is the only imaging system on the market that can overlay and fuse optical and X-ray signals in all imaging fields.

Case Study:
Hematoma and In Vivo Imaging of Nalm-6


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