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Subcutaneous Models in Nude Rats

Nude rat is a laboratory rat strain with a genetic mutation that causes a deteriorated or absent thymus, resulting in an inhibited immune system due to a greatly reduced number of T cells. The nude rat is valuable to oncology research because it can receive many different types of tissue and tumor grafts, as it mounts no rejection response.

Pharmalegacy offers human tumor xenografts model in nude rats, which have consistently been used as an essential part of preclinical studies for anticancer drugs activity in human.

Case Study:
HCCLM3 s.c. Xenograft Model in Nude Rats


Animal: 12 nude rats, 5~6 weeks, male & female

Tumor resource: T1, 3mm*3mm*3mm/rat, subcutaneously implantation

Grouping: Grouping when the tumor volume is 200mm3

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