NHP Capability

Non-human primate (NHP) models have closer phylogenetic relationship to human and the disease targets in NHP models share high cross-reactivity to the human target specific biological molecules which do not react with rodent counterpart. PharmaLegacy has developed and validated serials of NHP disease models, covering Inflammation/Autoimmune Diseases, Bone/Orthopedics, and Respiratory disease areas, to test pharmacological effects and mechanisms of candidate drugs esp. therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.  


NHP Animal Disease Models

  NHP RA Models 
           • Monkey CIA induced RA 
           • Anemia 


  NHP Bone/Orthopedics Models 
           • OVX induced Osteoporosis 
           • ACLT induced Osteoarthritis 
           • Bone Healing 
           • Bone Safety

  NHP Respiratory Disease Models
           • LPS induced Lung Injury 

  NHP DTH Models 
           • TTx induced DTH

  Other NHP Models 
           • Chemotherapy induced Mucositis 
           • FeCl3 induced Thrombosis 
           • CCl4 induced Liver Fibrosis