We have extensive experience in bone physiopathology, especially in osteoporosis and orthopedics. Our IND/IDE filling expertise has enable multiple drug candidates to successfully reach the market. 

Our Scientists are on the cutting edge in the areas of animal models, biomaterials, biologics, surgical procedures and tissue engineering. Our familiarity with IDE and 501(k) and SOP driven GLP quality assurance operations can aid your regulatory submission. 


      Bone Loss/Osteoporosis

  •Rats, mice, dogs, monkeys

          - Estrogen-deficiency

          - Steroid-induced

          - Disuse

  •Local injection to calvaria and long bone

      Bone Repair

  •Bone void filler testing in rats, rabbits, mini-pigs, dogs and primates
  •Calvarial, periodontal and long bone
  •Spine fusion in rats, rabbits and primates

      Bone Safety

  •Juvenile bone growth
  •Adult bone remodeling

      Cartilage Tissue Repair

  •Intervertebral disc repair
  •Intra-articular particulate injection
  •Meniscectomy and ACL transection
  •Osteochondral defect
  •Pond Nuki model


  •Achilles', ACL, patella and rotator cuff segmental defect repair in dogs and sheep/goats


  •Pyogen-induced and wear debris induced in rats, rabbits and dogs