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Thirteenth cytokine and inflammation

January 28, 2015

 Welcome to the GTC hosted the thirteenth session of the meeting on cytokines and inflammation, Peng Li booth No. 10!
GTC hosted the meeting, because of the profound academic content and the ability to transform the results of excellence, has attracted thousands of people every year. Inflammation meeting January 29-30 held in San Diego, biological Peng Li, general manager of Duan Jifeng Dr. and scientific product development department director had good doctor will wholeheartedly for the congregation show Peng Li in areas of inflammation mechanism, animal modeling of outstanding ability. Welcome to our booth 10! At the same time, Dr. Zeng will give a speech entitled "II - type of collagen induced non primate model, the study of biomarkers. Welcome everyone to come to participate and actively exchange views!