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Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is distinguished from other hepatic disorders by hepatocyte ballooning and degeneration as well as lobular inflammation which can eventually deteriorate into liver fibrosis. If it remains untreated, NASH can develop into cirrhosis, and in some instances, hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

The biggest challenge in NASH preclinical studies is finding an animal model that provides your pipeline with enough similarity to the human disease state and translatability into clinical applications. Our NASH models at PharmaLegacy offer you with a well-rounded choice that ultimately depends on the facet of NASH your study is tackling. Not sure which model suits you best? Contact our experts at PharmaLegacy who are sure to give you the answers you need.

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Study Outline

·         Male Wistar rats

·         Animals were fed an MCD diet for a period of 8 weeks to establish the NASH model

·         Animals were treated with vehicle or reference throughout the entire 8-week study

Treatment Groups

Body Weight, Liver Weight

Food intake per rat per day

Serum Levels of ALT (U/L);AST (U/L) and Total Bilirubin(U/L)

H & E Staining (MCD Treated Group)

Sirius Red Staining (MCD Treated Group)

MCD Rat Model Development - Body Weight and Food intake and Relative Liver Weight

MCD Rat Model Development - Serum levels of ALT and AST

MCD Rat Model Development - H&E staining in NASH

STZ-HF Mice Study - Serum Levels of ALT, AST and Glucose

STZ-HF Mice Study - Serum Levels of TC, TG, LDL-C and HDL-C

STZ-HF Mice Study - Histopathology in NASH

STZ-HF Mice Study - Histopathology in NASH

HF-CCl4 Mice Study – Biochemical Data, Liver weight and Hepatic TG

HF-CCl4 Mice Study - Histopathology in NASH

The Capabilities to Succeed:

  • Research data electronically managed by BioBook (IDBS, UK)
  • Rigorous adherence to international GLP and QA best practices
  • FDA part 11 compliant

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