Evaluating potential treatments with state-of-the-art hearing impairment models.

There are three models of deafness, each rooted in either biological or social sciences. The cultural model claims that the deaf are part of a culture where they have their own grammatical and natural language: they aren’t disabled nor infirm. The social model tackles the difficulties faced by the deaf due to the environment. In the medical model, deafness is considered to be undesirable, and curing it would be advantageous to both the individual and the society.

At PharmaLegacy, we have nothing against social sciences. But we believe that curing all sorts of hearing impairments is the right way to go. Share our view on the subject? Contact us now, and let’s get your pipeline moving!

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Hearing Impairment Models


Acute CIHL (Cisplatin-induced Hearing Loss) mouse model

Chronic CIHL (Cisplatin-induced Hearing Loss) mouse model

Acute CIHL (Cisplatin-induced Hearing Loss) rat model

AIHL (Aminoglycoside induced hearing loss) rat model

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