In Vitro Platform

Rapid, cost-effective, systematic assays and screens.

Speed, cost efficiency, and increased throughput are the main reasons for opting for in vitro screening over in vivo approaches. When you are choosing a CRO to work with to perform those in vitro studies, you should look for one that can get your project done quickly, on budget, with the capacity you need, and get it done right the first time.

That’s PharmaLegacy’s promise to you.

PharmaLegacy’s in vitro platform provides you with the breadth of assays and tools you need to rapidly, comprehensively, and cost-effectively characterize molecular interactions, pharmacodynamics, and more.

Get in touch now, and let us show you how our decades of experience in pharmacology will propel your next breakthrough.


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Providing Better Data For Critical Oncology Pipeline Decisions

To advance a compound from discovery to clinical, or to halt its development, is a huge and costly decision. For the benefit of you and your company, and for the well-being of patients in need of treatment, that decision needs to be based on correct information.

Download our Integrated In Vitro Oncology Assays brochure and see why over 300 pharmaceutical companies, including many global leaders, trust PharmaLegacy for the unbiased, accurate information they need to make critical oncology pipeline decisions.


    Commited to Quality

    • FDA part 11 compliant
    • Animal studies strictly follow AAALAC and ILAC guidelines
    • Electronically managed, traceable research data
    • Rigorous adherence to international GLP and QA best practices
    • Clients have real-time remote monitoring of studies
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    When you search for a CRO for your In Vitro studies, set your expectations high. Contact PharmaLegacy and let’s discuss how we can exceed them.