Accurate quantitative measurements of biotics and xenobiotics in biological systems.

Accurate quantification of drugs and endogenous substances in biological samples is pivotal in many different scientific endeavors. In pharmaceutical studies, bioanalysis is used exhaustively to quantitatively measure both the concentration of an active drug and its metabolites for pharmacokinetic studies, toxicokinetic studies, bioequivalence and exposure response (PK/PD studies.). Bioanalysis studies are also applied to drugs in forensic investigations, anti-doping testing in sport events, environmental concerns, and drugs used for illicit purposes.

We at PharmaLegacy strive towards a world where forensic investigations always find the culprit, where sporting events are fair and doping free. A world with a cleaner environment, and less drug abuse. With your pipelines and our bioanalysis models, we get closer to this world day by day. Contact us today.

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Sciex Triple Quad 6500+, Sciex API 4000

Waters Synapt G2-Si

Waters Acquity UHPLC, Shimadzu Nexera UHPLC

MSD, Plate readers, qPCR, etc.

LC-MS/MS and Ligand Binding Assay (LBA)

Both Small Molecule and Large molecule

According to Guidance from the US FDA and China NMPA Method Transfer and Cross-Validation

Tailored solutions:

  • 24/7 access to PharmaLegacy representatives
  • 380,000 square feet of facility space
  • 1,000+ validated animal models of disease spanning 40+ diseases
  • Capacity to house over 30,000 rodents and large animals

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DMPK studies demand flexibility. Can yours meet their goals?

When it comes to DMPK, flexibility is paramount. The right assay and instrumentation are all critical to ensuring you can meet your study goals and obtain meaningful, clinically relevant data.

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