Metabolic diseases can range from disorders as common as diabetes, and as rare as valinemia. To better put things in perspective, 422 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes, whereas there are only 31,600 people suffering from valinemia. Metabolic diseases are as numerous as they are different in both their etiology and clinical presentation. Reports by the WHO claim that there are over 1300 metabolic diseases recorded in the literature. And while many of them have treatments, and even cures, others, mainly the rarest metabolic diseases, lack any form of treatment whatsoever.

Our metabolic disease NHP models at PharmaLegacy encompass the most common metabolic diseases, and our team of experts is at your disposal to help you design custom made models for more niche disorders.

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Metabolic Disease Models


Enforcing quality:

  • 1,000+ validated animal models of disease spanning 40+ diseases
  • FDA Part 11 compliant
  • Rigorous adherence to international GLP and QA best practices
  • PK/PD, molecular pharmacology and preliminary toxicology adjacency studies

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