Studying the histologic level to treat at the systemic level.

The importance of histopathology cannot be summarized in a few paragraphs, or even a few books. Being able to observe the pathological process of a disease at the cellular level is an invaluable asset that has been leveraged by scientists for centuries now. The tools used by scientists back when the field of histopathology was still in its early days have evolved exponentially: From simple microscopes with a magnifying power of x6 to x10 all the way to electron microscopes boasting a magnifying power of 10,000,000x.

Unsurprisingly, diseases have also evolved exponentially: new strains of bacteria are constantly popping up around the globe, cancers are exhibiting new mutations, etc. Consequently, our models at PharmaLegacy have also evolved. New diseases require new treatments. New treatments require new models. Get in touch now!

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Frozen Sections

We have the modern cryostat and have the capabilities of sectioning almost any type of specimen, including mouse bone sections. We can section and mount your specimens to custom orders.

Paraffin Sections

Most of our work is the routine processing and embedding to paraffin block and we offer many options in this service. To save yourself time, you can trim the tissues and place them in your own labeled processing cassettes. You can even perform your own processing and paraffin infiltrating and embedding and ask us just to do the sectioning. For quality slides please use our services followed the proper trimming technique, correct processing solutions and infiltrating and embedding paraffins and processing schedules.

Plastic Sections

Plastic sections are used for the evaluation of non-decalcified bone, devices such as stents or bone pins and implanted material such as suture. Hard biological tissue, such as bone and tissue containing metal can be embedded in plastics, sectioned with a low-speed saw and either ground to a thickness suitable for histological examination or sectioned with a tungsten knife.

Histochemical Stains

The PL histology laboratory is skilled in the histologic preparation of a large variety of histopathology and special stains on frozen, paraffin and plastic embedded tissues from a range of both common and unusual research and discovery models. We can accommodate other specific or modified stains and/or procedures upon request.

Enforcing quality:

  • Operations and IT structured for maximum protection of clients’ data and IP
  • Rigorous adherence to international GLP and QA best practices
  • Electronically managed, traceable research data
  • FDA Part 11 compliant

Entrust your pipeline to a CRO that strives for excellence. Entrust it to PharmaLegacy.

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