Facilitating novel anti-cancer drug discovery.

Human cancer cell panels have long been a valuable tool in anti-cancer drug discovery: they assess the potential cytotoxicity and growth-inhibition effects of the tested compounds against different types of tumors. Human cancer cell panels are not devoid of limitations, but they remain a far-reaching tool in oncology and immuno-oncology.

At PharmaLegacy, we provide our clients with more than 60 human cancer cells (screenable by our cell proliferation/cytotoxicity assay), covering liver, lung, breast, lymphoma, colon, melanoma, leukemia and myeloma tumors. Contact us now for more information on our human cancer cell panel.

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Human Cancer Cell Panel



PharmaLegacy’s human cancer cell panel serves as an important tool for anti-cancer drug discovery, enabling rapid and efficient evaluation of potential cytotoxicity and growth-inhibition effects of test compounds against multi-type tumors. More than 60 human cancer cells can be screened by our cell proliferation/cytotoxicity assay, covering Liver, Lung, Breast, Lymphoma, Colon, Melanoma, Leukemia, and Myeloma tumors. After the in vitro screen, the most sensitive cancer cell lines can be selected for further testing in xenograft or orthotopic tumor models in mice or rats.


•        Screen human cancer cells to find the target cancer cell lines for the test compounds.

•        IC50s

•        Compare the anti-cancer potency of a group of test compounds.

•        Evaluate the combination anti-cancer effect of two different test compounds.

•        Custom cancer cell lines.


•        CCK8 assay in suspension cells, and MTT or SRB assay in adhesion cells.

•        96-well plate assays. Each test compound will be tested in 6 concentrations, and each concentration will be tested in triplicates.

•        The assay will be independently repeated once.

Selected Results:

Further In Vivo Study:

Tumor cell lines can be further tested in s.c. xenograft models in mice or rats. Some of the cell lines have also been validated in orthotopic and metastatic models.

Human Cancer Cell Lines

The capability to succeed:

  • AAALAC accredited vivarium
  • Research data electronically managed by BioBook (IDBS, UK)
  • 1000+ validated animal models of disease spanning 40+ diseases
  • PK/PD, molecular pharmacology and preliminary toxicology adjacency studies

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