Superior in vivo sepsis models.

Every year, around 11 million people die of sepsis. In other words, 1 in every 5 deaths per year is due to sepsis. Vulgarized as “the body’s extreme response to an infection”, it can rapidly lead to tissue damage, progressing into organ failure and eventually death. In the USA only, sepsis costs the government $23 billion a year.

Although sepsis was first discovered in the 1800s by none other than Louis Pasteur (who showed the presence of bacteria in the blood of a patient suffering from puerperal septicemia), and despite all the advances in organ support techniques and anti-infective treatments, the mortality rate of sepsis today is still as high as 30-70%. With sepsis becoming an increasingly heavy burden on the healthcare system, PharmaLegacy has put forward multiple sepsis models to accelerate the search for better treatments. Keep browsing for more information on our LPS-induced and CLP-induced sepsis in mice models.

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Case Study:

#1 CLP induced Sepsis in C57BL/6 mice

Aim: Evaluate the efficacy of Dexamethasone as a reference drug in CLP induced sepsis in mice. Observe the survival rate for one week.

Animal: C57BL/6, male

Reagent: Dexamethasone (Dex)

#2 CLP induced Sepsis in C57BL/6 mice

Aim: Evaluate the efficacy of test articles in CLP induced sepsis in mice. To test acute cytokine changes in 24 hours after CLP surgery.

Animal: C57BL/6, male, 20-25 g, purchased from Shanghai SLAC Laboratory Animal Co. Ltd.

Reagent: Dexamethasone (Dex), Sinopharm Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd

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