A study run by the University of Chicago Medical Center found that 94% of older adults in the United States suffer from at least one sensory deficit, 38% have two, and 28% have three, four or five. Another study run in the UK found that not only was sight the most valued of the 5 senses in the study group, but that people would on average choose 4.6 years of perfect health over 10 years of life with complete loss of vision[1].

With your preclinical studies and our NHP ophthalmology models, we hope that one day, patients won’t have to choose between 4 years of perfect ocular health and 10 years of complete blindness, even if it’s just for surveys.

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Ophthalmology Models


The capability to succeed:

  • AAALAC accredited vivarium
  • Scientific staff with an average of over 15 years of experience in pharmacology
  • Capacity to run 200+ concurrent animal studies.
  • Operations and IT structured for maximum protection of clients’ data and IP

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