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Humanized mouse models are the swiss-knives of preclinical models: they can be used to identify tumor stem cells, investigate tumor cell biology, identify and test potential drugs, and get a better insight on metastasis. Finding a CRO that provides you with the study designs and models you need for your immunological trials can be as daunting as the trials themselves: Hu-PBL-scid models ensuring flawless memory T cells, or Hu-SRC-scid models which will guarantee the multilineage development of hematopoietic stem cells, is challenging at best.

As the need for humanized models grows exponentially with all advances made in immunology, the lack of reliable, cost-effective platforms is proving to be an obstacle that many are finding hard to overcome. But not at Pharmalegacy.

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Humanized Mouse Models

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The development of CD34+ humanized mouse model:

We reconstitute NOG/NPG immunocompromised mice with a human hematopoietic system via engraftment of human cord blood CD34+ cells. The level of humanization is determined by human CD45+ cell ratio, which ranges from 40% to 60% with the majority of T and B cells in the peripheral blood 16 weeks after engraftment. Any mouse with >15% hCD45+ cells is considered as a valid model according to various dosing studies. The CD34+ humanized mice have the longest research span (over a year) without graft-versus-host disease.

Level of “humanization” (human CD45+ cells ratio) ranged between 40%-60%, with little variation between batches of hCD34+ HSC transplanted animals.

Level of human T cells reconstitution in peripheral blood increased continuously post hCD34+ HSC transplantation.

Availability of human tumor cell lines

Tumor Type Cell Lines Validated Tumor Type Cell Lines Under Validation






Epidermoid Carcinoma A431 Melanoma



Lung Cancer Cell NCI-H1975



Glioma U251MG
Breast Cancer




Colon Cancer HT29
Gastric Cancer MKN45


Lymphoma Raji
Myeloma RPMI8226
Glioma U87MG


Case Study: Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors-Evaluating mAb PD-1/PD-L1 in HCC-827 Model

Case Study: Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors-Evaluating mAb PD-1 in U87MG Model

Case Study: Combination Therapy-Evaluating mAbs PD-1 and EGFR in HCC-827 Model

Case Study: Bi-Specific Ab

Evaluating Bi-Specific Ab in NC1-N87 Model

Evaluating Bi-Specific Ab in HCC827 Model

Case Study: Oncolytic Virus

Evaluating Oncolytic Virus in HCC827 Model

The Development of CD34+ Humanized Mouse Model

Human T Cell Proliferation in PB of HCC827 hCD34+ Humanized Model

PD-1/PD-L1 Combination Therapy in HCC827 hCD34+ Humanized Model

PD-L1&VEGF Combination Therapy in U87MG hCD34+ Humanized Model

PD-1&HER-2 Combination Therapy in HCC1954 hCD34+ Humanized Model

PD-1/PD-L1-VEGF Bi-Specific Abs Therapy in hCD34+ Humanized Model

Oncolytic Virotherapy in hCD34+ Humanized Model

Cell Lines Validated in hCD34+ Humanized Model

Production of 2nd Humanized Mice at Pharmalegacy

NO WAITING cohorts from Mix-donor HSCs

Reconstitution of Human Immune Systems in 2nd Humanized Mice

HCC827 in Different Batches of 2nd Humanized Mice

Efficacy Study in A549 2nd Humanized Mice Model

Two different PBMC delivery approach:

1. Pre-mix PBMC and tumor cells then inject them subcutaneously;
2. Before tumor cell inoculation, injection of PBMC intravenously or intraperitoneally.


Body weight, tumor growth inhibition, annotation of tumor infiltrating leukocytes (TIL) and tumor cells.

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