Keenly designed cerebrovascular devices call for intelligently designed studies.

Cerebrovascular diseases involve the obstruction of brain blood vessels, or a deterioration of cerebral circulation. They include carotid stenosis, stroke, intracranial stenosis, aneurysms, vascular malformations and vertebral stenosis. The restrictions in blood flow can be caused by one of four culprits: stenosis, thrombosis, embolism, or hemorrhage. The comorbidities associated with cerebrovascular diseases are far too many to list, but the burden they have both on the individual and the healthcare system as a whole is straining, to say the least.

With your cerebrovascular devices validated by our studies at PharmaLegacy, we ultimately hope to one day decrease the burden that cerebrovascular diseases are on both patients, and healthcare systems as a whole.

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Cerebrovascular Devices


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  • 380,000 square feet of facility space
  • Electronically managed, traceable research data
  • Clients have real-time remote monitoring of studies
  • Research data electronically managed by BioBook (IDBS, UK)

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