According to the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis, the first ever recorded case of thrombosis, more specifically DVT, dates back to 1271 in France,. A 20 years old cobbler by the name of “Raoul” developed swelling and an ulcer after complaining of sharp pain in his right leg. The young cobbler visited the tomb of St. Louis, after which the pain, the ulcer and the swelling miraculously disappeared. Eight centuries later, our understanding of hematologic diseases, and more specifically thrombosis has improved exponentially.

Antithrombotic drugs, namely antiplatelet drugs and anticoagulants are commonly used to treat thrombotic events, and to avoid them. However, thrombosis is still a very prominent burden on the healthcare system; the call for better antithrombotics needs no justification. Our hematology and thrombosis NHP models at PharmaLegacy are specifically designed to replicate the human pathologic state to provide your study with the translatability it needs to make it to the clinical setting. Get in touch now.

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Hematology & Thrombosis


Case Study: FeCl3-induced Thrombosis in Cynomolgus Monkey

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